SafeAll 8” J-Chain Assembly
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Product #: SAJC-8JGH10

Product Highlight

  • Grade 70 tie-down chain assembly with 8" J Hook on one end and T/J Hammerhead Hook on other end.
  • Various lengths
  • 5/16" chain
  • 15" J Hook End
  • T/J hammerhead end
  • Grade 70


Introducing our cutting-edge J-chain assembly, specifically designed for car carriers and automobile transportation. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this assembly is the perfect solution for securely and efficiently transporting vehicles.

The Grade 70 5/16" chain offers exceptional strength and durability. At one end, you'll find a robust 8" J hook specifically tailored for car carriers, allowing for quick and effortless attachment to the vehicle being transported. Its sturdy construction ensures a strong and secure connection, minimizing the risk of slippage or detachment during transit.

On the other end of the assembly, we've incorporated a powerful combination of a hammerhead hook and a grab hook cluster. This innovative configuration provides versatile attachment options, allowing you to secure the vehicle with ease and flexibility. The hammerhead hook ensures a reliable connection point, while the grab hook cluster provides additional attachment options for various parts of the vehicle.

Invest in the reliability and functionality of our J-chain assembly and experience the difference it brings to your towing operation. With its 8" J hook, hammerhead hook and grab hook cluster, this assembly offers an unbeatable solution for secure vehicle transportation. Trust in our J-chain assembly to deliver exceptional performance, enabling you to transport vehicles with confidence and ease.


Various lengths
5/16" chain
15" J Hook End
T/J hammerhead end
Grade 70

Part Number Working Load Limit Break Strength
SAJC-8JGH10 4,700 14,100

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