SafeAll V-Strap Assembly with 15″ J Hooks
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Product #: SA-VS-15J2

Product Highlight

  • V-Strap Assembly works with winch lines to evenly load disabled vehicles onto the decks of car carriers and rollbacks.
  • Leg dimensions: 2”W x 2’L
  • 15" J Hook
  • Oblong link
  • Low profile design
  • Improved undercarriage clearance
  • PVB coating
  • Finished edges
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Reflective webbing


This V-Strap Assembly from SafeAll is specifically designed to provide a secure and efficient solution for loading disabled vehicles onto car carriers. With its innovative low-profile design, these assemblies offer improved undercarriage clearance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free loading process.

Each strap leg measures 2”W and 2’L and features a reinforced eye at the end. A 15” J Hook is attached for easy connection to a wheel or axle for winching. Its sturdy construction and dependable design ensure a strong hold, keeping the vehicles securely in place during transportation.

At the center of the V, you'll find an oblong link that creates a horizontal plane for winching. This link offers a convenient and reliable connection point, allowing the operator to easily apply the necessary force to load the disabled vehicle with precision and control.

This durable assembly is engineered with high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its strength and reliability. With our assemblies, you can trust that they will hold up to the demands of towing and provide a secure and safe solution for loading disabled vehicles.

As with all SafeAll straps, the straps are PVB coated to hold up to grease, grime and road spray. The finished edges resist cuts, tears and abrasions, and the stiching is reflective for improved visibility in low light conditions.


Part Number Working Load Limit Break Strength
SA-VS-15J2 5,400 at 60 degree angle 16,200

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