SafeAll REV Portable EV Charging System
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Product #: SA-REV

Product Highlight

  • Up to 48 Amp Charging Output
  • Level 2 charging system with monitor
  • Up to 1 mile per minute charging capability
  • Compatible with all makes and models of EV’s
  • Includes Tesla Charging Plug Adapter
  • Smartphone app for operation
  • 24-foot charging cord
  • Battery-powered electric start
  • AC Power Source Functionality w/ 15,000 Watt Peak Output
  • Operating instructions included
  • Dimensions: 31”W x 37”L x 29”H
  • Dry weight: 330 lbs.
  • 10.9 gallon fuel capacity
  • 1 year warranty

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The REV from SafeAll is the professional’s choice for portable EV charging in the roadside assistance market. Capable of producing an output of 48 Amps, this easily transferable unit can fit in the back of a pickup or inside a utility vehicle, giving service providers an easy solution when providing emergency charging to stranded electric vehicles on the side of the road, in parking lots or in driveways.

Unlike other battery powered chargers, the affordable REV is powered by a gas engine which provides the operator with on demand and continuous service throughout an entire shift, making it efficient and profitable! This great solution gets the stranded EV off the side of the road quickly, safely and delivers the right amount of range to reach the nearest charging station.

As a Level 2 charger, the REV is designed to generate enough current to move an EV up to one mile for every minute of charging. The REV is also compatible with all makes and models of electric vehicles and comes standard with a Tesla charging plug adapter and a 24ft charging cord.

The SafeAll REV is designed and packaged for immediate use out of the box. Simply download an application on your smartphone and you will have the ability to adjust the amperage output mid-charge. With its portable and compact platform, the self-contained REV can be installed in endless service body configurations or pickup beds. This industry-leading charging unit will produce a new revenue stream in an ever growing EV market - creating a great return on investment!

Dimensions: 31”W x 37”L x 29”H | Weight: 330 lbs.

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