SafeAll Snatch Block with Swivel Hook
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Product #: SA-SB

Product Highlight

  • Compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope
  • Seven sheave sizes: 3”-10”
  • WLL: 2 ton-15 ton
  • Wire rope size: 5/16”-7/8"
  • Swivel hook w/ latch
  • Dual labeled ratings
  • Bronze bushings
  • Grease zerk
  • Painted green


Snatch blocks from SafeAll serve as essential rigging and recovery tools for a variety of industries. The pulley, sheaves and swivel hook combine to provide a critical pivot point to change the angle and direction of a pull or increase the winch capacity under a load. Strength-tested for durability, these snatch blocks can be used in off-road recoveries, towing scenarios and material handling.

Available in seven sizes, these snatch blocks come in SafeAll’s signature green color and are compatible with both synthetic line and wire rope. Pulling capacities range from 2-15 tons, and each snatch block is dual labeled with its Working Load Limit and acceptable rope size. Each snatch block features bronze bushings and includes a grease zerk for regular maintenance and rust resistance.

Made from quality materials, these snatch blocks consist of a single pulley or sheave protected by two outer teardrop-shaped side plates. A release pin with a cotter key sandwiches the plates together over the pulley. Remove both to insert the winch line.


Part Number Sheave Size Working Load Limit Break Strength
SA-SB2T3 3" 2 Ton 8 Ton
SA-SB3T3 3" 3 Ton 13 Ton
SA-SB4T4 4" 4 Ton 17 Ton
SA-SB8T6 6" 8 Ton 32 Ton
SA-SB8T8 8" 8 Ton 32 Ton
SA-SB15T8 8" 15 Ton 66 Ton
SA-SB15T10 10" 15 Ton 66 Ton

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